Frequently asked questions

Why Stock Trading?

Stock trading is the ideal profession on the internet. It allows anyone to buy and sell stocks on American stock exchanges with a personal computer from home using an internet connection no matter where in the world you happen to live. It allows to make money at your convenience.

How long does it take to subscribe?

The process is simple, you must fill an order with your paypal account and then you will choose a user and password to get instant access to the member's page. .

How does the Service work?

As a member, you will receive an email with our daily signals which will also be posted in our member's page. These will be provided the night before of the open market, so as to give you time to send your order to your broker. It can happen that in a certain day the system does not give its signal; therefore there won’t be any stocks to buy that day

What is the system based on?

The system is based on technical indicators and price ranges. it select a maximum of 7 positions open at one time. it generates long and short positions to take advantage of both sides of the market (bull and bear market)

Are there any subjective criteria to select the “pick” every day?

No, it is a 100% mechanic process. There are no emotions or subjective decisions to select the stock pick every day.

Do you short stock?

We offer 2 ways to trade our strategy, you can select long and short, or only long mode

How do you calculate the YTD return?

We posted the sum of all trades. The return on your account will be the sum of all trades divided by the number of open trades and allocation. For example conservative members will want to assign a small portion of their accounts into each trade, while aggressive traders with access to leverage may want to maximize their returns using a higher portion of their accounts.

How much money do I need to start?

You only need an account that allows you to trade; you can consult a broker of your preference.

In what markets do you trade?

US markets only. We trade only liquid stocks from DOW 30

At what time are the signals sent to subscribers?

We send daily signals email also posted in the member's page with the new alerts the night before of the open market..

Do you send intraday alerts?

No, we just send one daily signals email.

Do you limit the amount of members?

Definitely, we will limit the amount of members so as to maintain the system unaltered. When we reach a certain number of members, we will stop accepting new ones and only if one of the exiting members should decide to retire shall we allow a new person to enter the system. We must maintain the system effective and profitable.

What kind of services do you offer your subscribers?

We offer full email support to our members; Please, do not doubt in consulting us.

How many picks are given?

We limit the number of our picks to a maximum of 7 from a liquid stock list, we select the seven stocks that most reflect our standards. This also permits you to access our system with a smaller amount of money.

How much time does it take to operate the system?

t is very simple; you only have to place the orders to open the positions at the open market or send the order to your broker minutes before the market opens.You can make this process automatic with related functions like (MOO) market on open; this service is offered by many brokers. Please consult them.\]

Do you trade options or futures?

No, we don't.

Is there a trial membership?

We don't have free trial.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can log in to your account and cancel the order by yourself or just send us an email with your user and password to cancel the service.


Need any further info?

Please contact us